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Honest, dependable, loyal, trustworthy. Seahorse embodies all the qualities most sought after in an IT business partner. Trust us to transform your environment for the better.

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Our value proposition

Specialising in innovative and creative solutions for our clients.

Utilizing our capabilities in Virtual Reality, ITSM and Service Automation, Seahorse Automation identify, source and supply the finest people and integrate leading-edge technologies to transform your business to give you the competitive edge.

We are focusing heavily on environmental services and on the renewable energy sector. We aim to develop multiple products in this sector and welcome collaboration with like-minded teams.

Digital Process

Build an entirely automated business process and integrate with existing best-in-class systems for your front and back-office processing.

Augmented / Virtual

Immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality enable digital imagery to overlay an existing environment. This creates opportunities for redefining the sales and service customer experience for many industries.

Transformation Consulting

To help drive a client’s business and success in the digital marketplace, we collaborate with customers to evolve their existing tools, processes and methodologies. Utilizing our extensive experience we undertake a detailed review of the business and technological environment and produce a digital transformation journey.

Our analysis includes:

  • Conducting workshops with key stakeholders
  • Performing interviews with team members
  • Proposing future goals, defining complete execution model and implementation
  • Identifying immediate actions required for transformation

Sustainable Solutions

We are investing heavily in renewable energy solutions using Cloud computing, Industrial IOT and Bigdata solutions.

Connect with us if you are interested in build a sustainable solution for your business.

SaaS Product Building

We have comprehensive experience in SaaS conceptualisation, product building and service delivery.

In confidence, we can help you develop your business idea or solve your business problem, our team will quickly propose cost-effective solution(s) and define a roadmap to deliver a high quality implementation.

Agile Product Development

Your client’s interaction with your organisation’s product or service is critical in delivering customer satisfaction and in closing new contracts!

Do you need high quality support in defining and controlling your customers experience?

Let us help you begin this journey.


Do you need specialist skills or a complete engineering team for ServiceNow, MuleSoft, Alfresco, Salesforce or other technical projects?

We are here to help underpin your successful digital transformations.

Flexible resourcing models and highly vetted candidates are available, speak to us in confidence to secure the right resources.

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